Hi there...

My name is Ugo, and I am a front-end developer currently living in Sydney, Australia.

I am very passionate about solutions through technology, and I specialise my skills in building solutions that make a difference.

What I can do

I love learning and using web technologies to solve problems.

Front-end Development

I build fast, accessible and intuitive websites and applications, that deliver solutions and value to the customer, using the latest development tools and techniques.

My experience with these tools help with faster development time, compliance with standards etc.





Technology is only as good as the problem it solves (*cough...I hope that will become a popular quote one day). So I work closely with my clients to capture their business needs and ensure to deliver a solution that satisfies those needs.

My playground

Here's a few pet projects that have been fun and helpful in enhancing my skills.
Watch this space, there's more to come!